Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mountain Trail Biking

 Sunday we left to go caving and that was super fun, but we didn't take pictures because  it's dark and the air saturated in the caves.  It was really fun :)
The next day (10/21/12) we went to the Hays Nature Preserve in Huntsville, AL to ride some nature trails on mountain bikes.  Josh rented my bike at his outdoor rental shop where he works.  The bike is a little big for me but it worked okay, the area was really pretty.   

I love all the autumn colors, the trees, the leaves on the ground, all very beautiful.

Josh tried to get pictures of me riding my bike, I am not very good, Josh would ask me every now and then questions like, "Erin do you try to ride as close as possible to the trees so that it looks like you're going to run into them?"  

Us together :)

Josh posing for the camera, very thoughtful look. . . 

Josh has a very artistic eye, he takes very pretty nature pictures.  I like pictures, and he likes nature so it works out pretty well.

So this picture isn't my favorite, but I feel I look a little focused and rugged. 
I was so sore after the bike riding, seriously couldn't sit because my butt hurt!!! Josh laughed, he thought it was funny but on the ride home I sat on my neck pillow & walking in general was difficult borderline painful.  

These trees were awesome, they were in the water and the trunks were super fat an amazing.  


We had a fun weekend with Caving and Bike Riding but we headed back in the afternoon to get back before evening.  Josh has work and class Tuesday so we head back...

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