Monday, January 19, 2009

Brian's Ordination

Grandpa and Grandma Sumner had come down from Utah to be here for Brian's ordination in the Priest Quorum. Brian had specifically asked Grandpa to perform the ordination himself and it was very special and perfect. This picture is of Me, Mom, and Brian waiting for Grandpa to change back into his nice church clothes.

This picture we got everyone to pose but the coordination took too long and Grandpa's glasses darkened already so they look kind of goofy. Brian was supposed to have a hair cut the Friday before the ordination but it had to be postponed so his hair couldn't be helped.

We decided to move the picture posing indoors so that we could see Grandpa's eyes without a darkened tint from the sun. At this point I opted out of the scene to go change out of my church clothes and into my lounge/comfortable clothes.

The cake was Mom's idea, she thought it was the best way to meet everyone's taste, I think I was the only person who didn't eat it. However I heard it was good, there was only one piece left which we took home to my Dad. It was a great day, the following week Brian was able to bless the sacrament (which he did an awesome job) and give a talk on honoring the priesthood (which he also rocked).

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Brian's Sixteenth Birthday

Brian's Birthday was December 30th which in 2008 was on a Tuesday. We went to Landmark with the family that evening, which has always been a tradition for us. However, this year we realized that the experience is not as awesome as it used to be, and Brian has the challenge to find a new venue for his Birthday dinner for 2009. This picture was taken by Mother of us eating in the restaurant perhaps for the last time.

Brian is on of the few people in our family who likes cakes so Mother makes sure to get him a buttercream white cake. This year Brian even got to help light the candles, however the picture of him blowing them out is too blurring so I opted not to post it.

I don't know if you can tell but his presents consist entirely of Bionocle sets. Whether they are "good guys" or "bad guys" I could not tell you, but Brian seemed pleased.

These pictures I decided to add for fun, these are Brian and I playing Guitar Hero World Tour together. Brian plays "expert" level on the base and I play "easy" level on guitar. Mother thought the moment was too special not to get on picture and so here you are: Brian and I playing together without needing a mediator.

Brian has been playing this game with his friend for the past 2 years and has achieved some levels of skill that I do not have, yet. He is often patient with me but sometimes struggles when I complain that my part is too hard. However, I only just started playing after Christmas when he got it, we play for about an hour on Sundays and that is it. We have to sit on opposite ends of the couch but at least we can play the same game together.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Day!

So Christmas Day at the Banks house starts around 7 a.m. when Brian and the dogs wake everyone else up. I admittedly am the last person to get up and ready for Christmas, Brian hates that I insist on brushing my hair, putting contacts and make-up on. I personally wish Brian would be less worried about going downstairs to the Christmas tree area, and more interested in looking pretty for the pictures.

Brian's Christmas was pretty exciting, he got an awesome television from Santa Claus and Guitar Hero World Tour, tons of Bionacles, and Wii games. I didn't find his presents as interesting as he did, but I imagine he felt the same about mine.

The dogs were really good sports in the beginning but once we started unwrapping presents that got pretty rambunctious. Dad decided it was time to get their stocking down and let them pick out their own treat. They were good dogs.

My Christmas was very fun, I got two of my cross-stitches custom framed which turned out beautifully. I was even there picking out the matte colors, frames, and even the detailed matte cut and I was still so surprised how amazing they looked. From Santa Claus I got a GPS that I absolutely love, Dad had shown me how his worked the other day and even then I thought I should get myself a GPS. The one he got is great, the picture is great, the sound is audible, I should never get lost again!

Our Christmas was amazing if you cannot tell, we had a fun day together figuring out the GPS Mom and I got, and setting up Brian's Guitar Hero. It was a perfect day!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Snowboarding Christmas Eve

For Christmas Eve Dad gave Brian and I the opportunity to go Snowboarding with him up in Sunrise, Arizona. We had to rent the boards, boots, and snow-gear for it the night before so we could just leave without worrying about getting to the shops early. It was a little less than 4 hours to get there so we left about 5:30 a.m. and got there a little after 9 a.m.

The whole area was not busy, we were able to walk right into the building and register for morning and afternoon lessons for Brian and I. It was nice it was so slow because our group lessons became private lessons, Dallas our instructor, worked it out so that he was our instructor not only for the morning session but also the afternoon too. I needed more one-on-one assistance than Brian did, but he had already gone once with Dad and had a lesson then. Dallas was great, in the picture he is strapping my boot into the board because I had no idea how to.

The whole morning session we stayed on the "bunny hill" learning balance on the board and different turn styles. I learned that it doesn't matter which way I want to go I will inevitably fall down anyway. It was amazing though, the weather was perfect, the snow was soft and beautiful, and even falling down didn't hurt that much. By the afternoon session Dallas took us down the "mid-way hill" which is the next level after the "bunny hill" which I loved. But I had a lot of fun down Mid-Way, probably the most fun I had was going down Mid-Way because I could tell how much I had improved since that morning. I could go sets without falling down, Brian unfortunately had a bad fall on this hill and hurt his wrist.

We had to leave by 3:30 p.m. to make it home for the family Christmas Eve dinner, but it was so much fun. I cannot wait to go again, it was a great experience. Hopefully next time I will not be so sore though, waking up Christmas morning was painful, everything hurt!