Sunday, June 23, 2013

Bridal Gowns

I never fully appreciated how hard the wedding planning process would be till I hit my own 6 month marker Friday. . . 
Suddenly occurred to me, I have LOTS and LOTS to do.  So I immediately made an appointment with David's Bridal so I could find gown styles that looked nice on me.  I found 2 on-line that I thought were very pretty, but they looked very pretty on the models, I wanted to make sure that gown style would be equally flattering on me.  
David's Bridal was VERY over-whelming, honestly hundreds of gowns and styles and colors to choose from.  The sales representative was very helpful, and very knowledgeable.  Saturday is their busiest day so she was assisting me and another young woman, I had brought my friend Angela, who was married last October.  Angela was a HUGE help, got me into gowns, out of gowns, wrote down styles I liked.  Perfect :) 
Turns out wedding dresses are so heavy.  I was honestly exhausted after an hour.  BUT we found 2 dresses very similar in style to the 2 I found on-line which was very helpful bc I definitely do NOT want a long train.  Good grief, so much extra weight to lug around.  I was also very please bc those 2 styles did look nice on me, I didn't feel they cut me off and made me look more short, and the one other style didn't wash out my "small framed" figure.  

Now I just need to contact the company and see what my options are.

I need to make more appointments with photographers.  So far I only have one appointment today with a photographer I was recommended by a co-worker.  I have spoken with her once and think she sounds really great.  Josh said he will ask for recommendations from his married friends so we have can make a more rounded decision.  

Last BIG thing I need to do pretty soon is food :(  Need to find a caterer and one fast, need to make a deposit and pray they are still available for Dec 21st!

Sunday, June 9, 2013


I realize this isn't really news anymore but I felt it would be more official to have it up on my blog.
  Josh confirmed he could take Dec. 20th off work so Josh & I will be getting married December 21st, 2013 :)

I am so excited, Josh drove almost 17 1/2 hours straight from Corpus Christi, TX because he told me he wanted to get to Mesa as fast as he could so he could propose.  Came to my apartment at almost 2 a.m. and first thing he says, Will you Marry Me?

I said YES!!!

For as crazy as I am about pictures we don't have any more his little visit here, he was in town almost a week and then flew out to Washington for a 2 week Alpine Mountaineering Course, and then came back June 1st and left June 4th :(  Josh will be starting his new job June 10th, so not much time, but grateful for the time we had.

I was pretty high maintenance about the ring, never wanted a diamond engagement ring, kind of wanted Josh to make us matching wedding bands.  Josh however thought an engagement ring would be appropriate, and now that he is gone it is nice to have a reminder of him.  We are having our old Branch President who is a jeweler make the ring, the stone I chose is a little harder to find so I don't have a ring yet.  I am wearing a ring Josh made in his jewelry class in the meantime, it was the only ring of his that fit my ring finger.  

Other than that I have been kind of crazy trying to figure things out, food, photography, invitations, all these things are running through my head.  Bless Josh's heart he told me if this was going to stress me out he would just call it off and tell me to not worry about it.  Seriously he is so sweet about, Love this man, he tells me everyday how excited he is to marry me.  

Thankfully in Birmingham we got the pictures taken for my birthday present so those will be our engagement pictures, they are so sweet, and everyone asked me if they were (which btw they were NOT) but as of now they are engagements pictures.  

So much to think about, I have been on pinterest ALOT lately and so far feel good about what I've chosen.   

Anyway, thankful for all the love and encouragement, I am so blessed to be marrying my Mountain Man, my best friend, and Love of my Life :)