Thursday, April 4, 2013

Birmingham is Rainy and Cold

I survived my Tuesday on my own, and was pumped for Wednesday bc Josh said we could go to the Birmingham ZOO!!!! 
Come Wednesday and it is Rainy & Cold :(
No zoo . . . . 
But weather permitting we will go Friday morning and maybe rent a bike for me and go on a bike ride. 
So Wednesday was low maintenance day.  Josh and I just watched movies and ate all day. 
Somehow we never manage to go a day with out a Walmart trip when I visit, today Josh realized he needed to make a copy of his apt key for me for today, Thursday, because he is gone again most of the day.  
So funny, I got a few small things we need for the Adobo Chicken and cheese dip he asked me to make while he goes to get the key copied.  I meet up with him and he said don't be too disappointed but this is what I got.  Looked like a normal key, so I wasn't sure what the issue was, and then he shows me a little display case with a tinkerbell designed key, he told me had he seen that first he would have gotten the key copied on a tinkerbell key.  Very thoughtful, but also very funny.  My boyfriend can surprise me sometimes, not often, but sometimes. 
Like I said the rest of Wednesday we watched movies.  Watched some GI Joe Movie - not great, and just lounged, but still fun, not often I get to be lazy with Josh. 

Today he gone most of the day but promised to try and come 6ish for dinner but will have to leave before 8 but still nice. Wish me luck. . . already made my Walmart trip of the day, and still have 3 hours before I need to make dinner.  
Can't even chill outside because it is CHILLY!!!!

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