Monday, March 10, 2014

Downtown Corpus Christi, TX

This past weekend Josh & I were cleaning the chapel when a new convert was talking to us about weekend plans.  Since Josh's trip was canceled we didn't have any plans and the guy we were talking to needed a ride to a bus station in downtown Corpus for a trip to visit his son.  We were very happy to take him down and it worked out well because we did a little sight-seeing while we were down there.  

The homes along Ocean Drive are massive, I grew up new Las Sendas which is a pretty nice neighborhood, these houses are even bigger, more customized, and are situated right on the ocean - Beautiful views.  

There is a big naval base here in Corpus, and we never could figure out how to get to the naval carrier, but I think we got an okay picture out on the docks.  The carrier does have tours so we'll look into it and plan another trip down there.  

Close-up picture, it is a bummer you can't tell how big it is, but it was HUGE in the water.  

We left the dock and headed to the museums, they were already closed but there was a beautiful water garden outside, a giant circle, amphi-theatre like with steps but water just rushing down all the way around, very beautiful. 

There was a wedding party on the other side of the circle so we were trying to stay out of their way.  

Also, Corpus Christi is always just super windy, and being by the water makes it cold and windy.  I couldn't always look at the camera head on because my hair kept flying in my face.  Josh is still trying to convince me to not chop it off, and it seems to be working.  

I was so excited we stumbled upon Whataburger Field, this is where Corpus AA Minor League Team the Hooks play.  Once the season starts up Josh promised we'd come back for a game or two!!

It started to sprinkle so we decided to head home.  But I am glad we got out here, it was fun seeing the big city with all the tall buildings and tourist spots.  

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Kayla said...

What a fun day trip! And I absolutely LOVE your long hair. You look so beautiful as always! :)