Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!
I spent all Wednesday Night baking this sugar bars to cut out hearts, and woke up Thursday morning to make the icing and frost them to deliver them to my family, Josh's family, and some of my friends.
Well I ran out of time so I did one for Mom & Dad to drop it off at there office.

This is what my counter looked like, I am messy.

I iced them quick, the icing tasted nice :)

All wrapped up in cellaphane with a pretty pink ribbon, Mom told me later very pretty, but also very doughy :(  so I just threw away what was left when I got home from work.

Josh was great he text me first thing in the morning and we Skyped when I was home from work.  He sent me a very, very sweet card.  And this year I got a personality test to take, last year it was love languages, this year a personality test and a leadership quiz.  
I've taken the personality quiz already as a senior at ASU, it will be fun to see how much I have changed. 

Brian goes through the temple this Saturday, very excited for him :)  

Monday, February 4, 2013

Susie Homaker

I've decided once a week to make all my meals.  So far so good.  Still have left over shredded beef from the burritos I made and tonight I made cream cheese chicken crescents and spaghetti with sauteed green peppers and pan cooked jalepeno & cheese sausage. 

You are supposed to notice how amazing this looks, I even made my own bread crumbs, but some bread in the little food processor I have and added some of the Italian seasoning in it, voila :)

And the end result, I am very proud of myself, I haven't taken to baking like I thought I would but I HAVE taken to cooking. 

I am going to make is a personal goal to start baking more too. 

Anyway, the only issue is I cook late, so I am eating late and from what I hear it is hard to digest food so late, you should eat like 3 hours before you go to bed. . . details.
I will try to not make this not become a cooking blog, but mostly I will try and add little posts about my prouder moments in the kitchen. 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

South Mountain - Javelina Trail

This morning I went out to South Mountain with my friend Kayla, & met up with two of my co-workers.  A guy I work with is on a similar quest I am, we both want to practice wearing our packs, and especially wearing packs while hiking.  
We did a few different trails but I believe the main one was Javelina Trail at South Mountain.  It was really good, the weather was perfect, the trail not busy and it was fun :)
Good incline so we got a view but not an aggressive hike where I am dying, good gradual incline with ups and downs, and the ridge line was pretty cool.

The girl co-worker brought her dog Bella, and she did SO good.  I can't remember the breed but not a big dog, short little legs that really held up.  
Calculated we did about 5.4 miles at 2.5 miles and hour.  

There are some good trails I saw that I want to come back and check out for my bike, something really easy and not a lot of ups & downs, you know - flat :)

At Night I went to a bacherolette party, didn't stay long, it was at Cadillac Ranch and if I drank maybe it would have been more fun.  
There was a card game & I was supposed to get a guy there to ask me to marry him, and my girlfriend I went with was supposed to get a guys phone & call the last number dialed & talk to the person. 
We didn't win. . . 

Anyway good week :)  Crazy to think it is already February!!