Thursday, July 1, 2010


My friend Raila and her family have recently leased 2 horses out in Lehi and invited me to come visit this past Wednesday. I have been on vacation so I was able to go in the morning with her to see what a typical morning routine is like.

This is me next to their giant mule, Mona. When Raila told me about her I totally didn't believe how big she was but, WOW, she is huge.

This is Raila and I posing with her horse, Dusty. I optioned to not ride him, but Raila rode him very well. In the end I did help brush him and lead him back to his fenced area.

Last picture, me posing in front of Dusty. They have a second horse they are leasing, James, but he stayed by Sonny, aka Son of a Gun and another horse Pistol. I neglected to get a picture by King Edward, he is a loud donkey.

Really fun morning, even a nice breeze to not make it too hot.