Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Aldridge Gardens

Josh and I at Aldridge Gardens.  It is super close to where Josh lives but Josh warned me that it wouldn't be as big as the Birmingham Botanical Gardens we've gone to before and LOVED.

It is really pretty but mostly it is trees, not very many flowers like the Botanical Gardens.  Still it is very pretty there and Josh was so sweet to try and be excited to be walking around looking for flowers for me.

The FIRST flower we found, and there were Bees!!  

I am sure I have mentioned that Josh likes to take random photos and sometimes they actually turn out cute.  I really like this one, I wish Josh's face was more visible so I could see his smile :)

There was little water falls like this all round, very nice and peaceful.  

We found this bench and just sat down and enjoyed the scenery.  Josh started just talking pictures and I think they turned out super sweet. 

Awww . . . 

These pictures are just fun, I really had a hard time picking my favorites but here is a handful of some pictures Josh took without us posing.  Just trying to be natural and I LOVE them. 

Seriously LOVE it :)

There are a few pictures like this, I was totally relaxed at this point & forgot Josh had the camera in his hand (which is something I try to always remember) but I think it looks sweet. 

Holding Hands, we had to take a few shots to get this because I didn't want my flip flops to ruin the ambiance. 

So I LOVE this picture too. Plus I have been working on growing my hair out & I think my hair looks nice & long her.  You know & my boyfriend is kissing me which I like too!

Me on a bridge.

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