Sunday, September 30, 2012

Easy As Strawberry Shortcake

My Linger Longer today was amazing.  I bought 25 packs of strawberries yesterday at Sprouts, can you believe it, on sale for 99 cents!   I bought 12 angel food cakes from Fry's and 5 whipped creams from Walmart, oh and 5 pounds of frozen blueberries.   I already have napkins, cups, spoons, plates etc. . .

This is the first round of what I bought.

Only exciting things is I go to cut them this morning (Sunday) and like 3 or 4 strawberries in every case had gotten moldy and squishy.  I went through almost 15 of the cases and saw how little I had and freaked out! So I went to Sprouts fast and bought 30 more packs of strawberries.

Mom & Brian got home and suddenly a knock at the door and Mom was like "Oh I thought Parker was kidding!"
A little boy in our homeward heard my mom say how many strawberries we had to cut (that was even before she knew I bought 25 additional packs) and said he'd come help.
This sweet eleven year old comes to help cut strawberries for my YSA Linger Longer AND he doesn't even eat Strawberries.  I sent a pack home for the family but WOW that was sweet.
I told him you really don't have to do this, and he is like I have nothing else to do, I want to help. SO SWEET!

The strawberries smelled so delicious, I was happy with how many I had.  This pic doesn't show all that we cut :)

I personally LOVE blueberries so I bought that little 5 pound pack so put sugar & lemon juice to cook up just for a few people who didn't like strawberries.  

Turns out they were a big hit, once the blueberries ran out, I went to take it, and people were like NO keep it, we can just use the syrup sauce that's left.  Yum.

Me on my last few packs.  

It went well, and it was so easy!  And clean-up was a piece of cake ;)

Friday, September 21, 2012

R.A.D. Certified :)

I have been taking a Rape Aggression Defense Class the last two weeks on Tuesday and Thursday Nights from 6 p.m. to about 8:30 p.m. and have LOVED it :)
The class starts out with talking about general awareness, being aware of surroundings, people and situations and then possible threats. 
Next you get into defensive tactics with your blocks and punches.  
It was seriously GREAT!

Last day of class was simulations and it was crazy, 3 male (big) police officers are there decked out in padding and as your can see from my picture, they have some padding for us and they run us through three different scenarios where you have to fight off your attacker(s).

So glad I took this class, it has been such an amazing experience, just in four classes I feel more confident and probably just smarter.  Make better decisions, more informed decisions.
I would strongly recommend taking a defense class!!!

They taped our simulations so you could see not only experience being attacked and honestly, trying to be unbias I think I did really spot on.  I am really happy, I thought I would freeze up but I did well :)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

My Taco Salad Linger Longer - the family pitched in

I had a Linger Longer Today and I knew it would be a little more
complicated than the ones in the past.

Which means:  Lots of perishables. 
Lettuce, sour cream, tomatoes, guacamole, & cheese.
Plus Beans both black & re-fried.
And LOTS of ground beef.  

What these next three pics are of me on the big unit on the stove & on the electric frying pan
& Dad on his camp stove.  
Mom is cutting lettuce bc there was TONS of Lettuce too!
Dad was great.  Mom was still at church & he saw me trying to cook 30 lbs. of ground beef & the
roaster wasn't cooking it like Mom said it would.  The heat comes from the sides not the bottom :(
So dad busted out the electric frying pan and started cooking with me on the stove,
but then also busted out the camp stove.  Propane is on the floor.  

And Dad was helpful for the figuring measurements for the meat seasoning. 
It was a mess. 

A girl in my ward posted this on the ward blog site so I copied it so you can see (kind of) 
what it all amounted to. 
People seemed to really like it but I am super tired.  Not sleepy but definitely worn.
Not to mention the clean up.  
What a mess. 

Between my family & my committee everyone was very helpful.  This event though was definitely a lot of work so I am thinking something a little simpler for the Fifth Sunday Linger Longer. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

New Outdoor Gear

Today is the day I have completed my Gregory Pack Collection!
This is my BEAUTIFUL Hydration pack, I've been looking since this Spring for my own hydration pack, I looked at Camelbak's, Ousprey's, etc. . . and this is the pack I fell in love with.

AND this is my Day Hike Pack, it is almost exactly like my hydration pack, which is the Gregory Dipsea 6 Pack, and this is the Maya 18 Gregory Pack.  They are super purposeful and good quality, so not only are they good looking but practical :)

Now the biggest pack I own, my Gregory Jade 50 Pack, it is a backpacking backpack.  This is the first pack I bought & I really liked it.  Gregory has a women specific design that fits really comfortably.  
This is the pack I used on my Sedona trip.

Love it!

Lastly, all of my Gregory Packs, from biggest to smallest. 
The duffel bag I got super cheap and I was excited to get it in time for trip to Alabama this October, I plan to pack my Maya 18 in it so we can day hike in AL.  

My climbing trip this past weekend went really great. No pictures of our recent climbs but Kayla promised her mom pictures at future trips.  
On Monday, our most recent trip I started with a 5.6, then climbed 5.7, 5.8, 5.9, 5.10-, 5.10+ & I tried a 5.11 but had to cheat a little bit on that one.
We also did 3 bouldering problems, those are so hard, but it really fun too.