Monday, January 30, 2012

More Wind Cave Pictures!

Kayla emailed me some of the pictures she took. Her landscape picture looks a little more vibrant than mine did.

This is Kayla & I by the wind cave just after climbing to the very top.

Me on top of the mountain!!!!!!

Now that it is a few days later I am SO sore, thankfully I can walk, but going down the stairs hurts. This week I am going snowboarding up in Utah, so hopefully I get healed up fast because I need to be in working order by Wednesday!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Wind Cave Hike/Climb

My Friend Kayla & I went hiking Saturday morning to the wind cave at Usery Pass. This is the picture of the wind cave, or the area by the wind cave, it really was a super windy day.

When you hike with Kayla you don't just stop once you reach the wind cave, you go to the top, so this picture shows the none trail ahead which we took.

A picture of me by the sign that warns that the next "trail" isn't a trail and you proceed at your own risk. Thankfully there were these two boys that had the same idea but they found a different route than the once Kayla takes that didn't involve me scaling rocks :)

And the view . . .
It was SO beautiful up there, clear blue skies, still a steady wind but the sun was shining and it felt nice to get the top!

My friend Kayla enjoying the view too. She was great, she is very into the outdoors and has gotten me excited about rock climbing (Kayla is who I went rock climbing with before), and archery - so hopefully this spring and summer I get to try them out with her.

Me trying to get a picture of myself, it looks a little silly but I think you can see the sense of accomplishment.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas 2011

Christmas Eve we had Kyle & Tara with baby McKenna come visit along with Aunt Jolene, Chris & Brooke with their kids and MaryJo & Eric with their kids. Busy house!

Everybody was very excited for the food to be ready, we had Honey Ham, Mormon Potatoes, Butterhorn Rolls, my awesome Deviled Eggs with a relish dish.

Abigail & Aunt Jolene all smiles :)

Everyone together to exchange gifts between the families. This has become a recent family tradition.

Christmas Day!
Brian woke everyone up about 7:30 a.m. for Christmas Presents. It is Sunday today so we all have church meetings so I guess it is good we started early

Brian at the end with all his goodies, he got a laptop, lots of Legos along with candy and giftcards.

Me on Christmas Day, I got a laptop too.

Plus a camera.

We had a great Christmas together. Mom got an Ipod & a Kitchen set. Dad didn't get anything specific but said he is sure he got something this year. We got to skype with Kylene and her kids in the morning before I left for church which was awesome. All our church meetings were just Sacrament so we got to come home and just chill the rest of the day.