Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Birmingham Botanical Gardens, Again . . .

On Wednesday Josh & I went to the Birmingham Botanical Gardens again, we had just a fun time last time we decided to see what the gardens have during Autumn. 

The Roses were pretty, and specifically the Yellow Roses smelled so nice.  

There were tons of Marigolds, I don't personally like the smell but all of them clustered together looked so amazing with the colors blending.  

I hope you can see the butterfly on top of the flowers.  I kept telling Josh, "Get the butterfly in the picture, get the butterfly"  Love it!

Josh got this cool picture of my reflection in the lily pool.  This is without doubt my FAVORITE place in the gardens.  The lilies looked SO amazing and when the sun went down a little Josh got some really pretty pictures.  He tried when we first got there but there was a funny glare, I am so grateful we went back because these look perfect!!!

Yeah Lilies are amazing, Love this picture.  And they were purple which made it a million times more perfect. 

AND this one!!!  There was four little clusters going down the pond, and the lily pads were so pretty and a little colorful, I have never seen a place in nature that I honestly thought was more beautiful.  I could have stayed by this pool all day.  

We figured out my camera's self-timer and Josh got the angle and level that we wanted on the ground and ran to get in the picture with me.  We did a few takes but it looked great in the end :)

And in this picture you can hopefully tell that we are MATCHING!!!  Josh, so sweet, got a size small from work so we could have matching shirts to wear.  He did the same thing while were caving, we have matching shirts then too (sorry no pictures).  My boyfriend is basically amazing.  

I think this picture turned out so pretty with the trees reflecting in the little pond.  After coming from Arizona with 95 degree weather and palm trees Alabama was almost exotic.  

We stayed at the gardens for a while.  Josh and I just sat on a bench & just enjoyed the weather, the wonderful clean smell and the beauty of the nature around us.  It was sweet to just spend that time together and enjoy each others company.  I Love moments like that. 

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