Saturday, March 22, 2014

My Birthday!!!

My Birthday Surprise from Josh, I woke up Friday Morning and saw this waiting in the kitchen.  So sweet :) The Flowers even match the card, and now we even have flowers to plant at the mobile home. 

Josh and I met up during his Lunch hour for some sweet BBQ!  They gave me a free slice of carrot cake, and thankfully didn't sing to me.  Josh is always impressive to eat with when there is a buffet or an unlimited salad bar, he definitely gets his moneys worth.   

Sorry we're squinting, but it was BRIGHT!  Cloudy but bright.  

After Lunch I got to chat with Friends & Family that called, super made my day to talk to Kylene and hear her kids wish me a Happy Birthday, Grandpa Sumner called, my mom, Kayla called.  And I got lots of texts and Facebook comments.  Also, I got my hair trimmed, it was long over-due, I got it trimmed October and it was pretty damaged, we took off an inch and a half.  

That night Josh was the only leader in-town for the Young Men to chaperon the Stake Youth Dance, Josh was sorry but it was okay, for my birthday we spend 3 1/2 hours at the church watching 20-30 youths dance.  Well not so much dance as cluster together.  The DJ taught us how to Waltz, and Box-Step, Josh & I tried to learn, he was really good, me not so good.  I think I try to lead too and it just doesn't work well. 

Josh is having a CRAZY busy weekend.  Today, his wife's birthday, Fishing Clinic, All-Staff Meeting, Family Fun Day (we were late to the dance bc of this event), and the Youth Dance which didn't get over till 10:30 p.m. 

Saturday, today, Josh has his FIRST Trip with TAMUCC!!!  A caving trip up by San Antonio!  It was crazy, that youth dance wore us out!  We woke up SO tired, but Josh had to get going bc of his trip.  He should get home 10 p.m.-ish tonight.  Tomorrow we have Stake Conference 9 a.m., a baptism at 2 p.m. where I am giving a talk on the holy ghost & I would LOVE for Josh to go, and later Josh is in-charge of the Youth Fireside that evening.  I am working on an outline for him, bc he only found out Tuesday nothing was prepared and the man in-charge will be out of town.  

It is nice though to be busy, I took a new load to the mobile home to move things out of the apartment, did 4 loads of laundry there, and tried organizing boxes so they were at least in the right room.  I got to skype with Sarah & Maya which was so nice.  And now trying to find material for Josh.  Busy, Busy, Busy :) 

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