Saturday, October 13, 2012


I went brunette again :)
It was amazing, I LOVE Groupon, I got a deal for $40.00 of an $80.00 service at Dolce Spa and Salon, and being a new member or something I got $10.00 off that!  So for $30.00 I got an $80.00 color and cut at a really fancy salon.  It was so fancy there and the stylist did all these fancy things & I LOVE the color. 

I also got my toes polished for Halloween, a lady at work came in with this design and I got the salon she went to and basically copied her.  

The attention to detail was great.  You cannot tell but there is like a little red hourglass and little dots of red for the eyes and a little gray glitter on the web.  It was amazing & pretty cheap too!

I am getting myself all dolled up for my trip in exactly one week.  I leave for Birmingham Friday Night on the Red Eye to arrive Saturday Morning super early.  I know Josh won't notice, but it will make me feel better AND hopefully I will have fun pictures with my boyfriend to bring back!

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Kylene said...

You are too funny. I'm brunette again too! Actually I think I got a little highlight from being in the sun all last week. I stripped all my polish off and discovered that I have a couple of blisters under my nails from all the walking I've been doing lately. I hope you guys are having fun!