Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sunday Talks Over!

Josh & I were ask to speak on Sunday and I am SO happy that is over!   We both prepared talks based on General Conference this past October, my talk had a tiny introduction to Josh & I, as well as our brief "how we met, got married" story.  So with the introduction to our family & my actual "talk" I was clocking in at 15 minutes, Josh's talk was clocking in at 20 minutes.  We figured with us, the youth speaker, and a musical # by the Elders which they told us was in the line-up we figured we were set.  Nope.  Elders sang first, we weren't expecting that, youth speaker was about 12 minutes, I cut my talk down to 12 minutes & for some reason there was also an intermediate hymn after me which we sang only 1 verse that only gave Josh 5 minutes to speak. He was great, we ended right on-time, but it was crazy how much the squish into one Sacrament Meeting.  Holy Smokes. 
BUT I am really glad that is over, now I have my Relief Society Lesson to Prepare.

It was really nice having a 3-Day Weekend, Josh was only bummed we were asked to speak because then we could have gone somewhere for the weekend instead of having to stay in-town. 

For Monday we got some errands done and then had a nice lazy holiday, we ate watched TV, went on a walk. It was great.  We had an appointment with the Elders late that evening, we had offered to feed them but they said they already had a commitment and would come following that.  I felt bad, they didn't arrive till almost quarter to 9, and their curfew is 9 p.m. They got lost finding us, admittedly our apartment complex is not the most lit but if you plug us in a GPS it takes you right there :) It was a nice lesson, and they are excited to have us in the ward, one Elder is from Chile & the other Florida, one leaves back home March and the other June.  

The rest of the week Josh will be late at work with pre-trip meetings and clinics, but I am excited for him, his outdoor trips are finally happening.  I will be left to my own devices Friday to Sunday evening, but we found my Wii Game so hopefully that will keep my entertained. 

I am tired of applying to places, I know it takes time but it is very discouraging that I have received only one call back, which I missed the call so when I called back I got their Voice-mail and they now haven't returned my call.  Very frustrating :( anyway, the weather is crazy here, if you could hear how windy and gusty it is.  19 mph gusts this morning an 6-10 mph so far is pretty normal I've noticed.

Hope everyone is doing well and hopefully Josh & I will get wedding pictures soon!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Josh's Birthday

This Sunday we celebrated Josh's Birthday.  It is funny to think in the 3 years we've been dating that this is the first birthday we've been able to spend together.  

I am so grateful that it landed on a weekend, we got to sleep in and just relax which is such a blessing.  Josh & I attended church and our bishop is very on top of things.  We met with him and he did a little meeting to get to know us a little better and see if we were interested in accepting callings.  It was awesome, we hopefully will get callings within the next month. AND we did get asked to speak this next Sunday, so that is exciting :)  I am less excited than Josh, he LOVES to talk and it doesn't matter if it is in front of 2 people or 200, I get much more nervous so hopefully it goes well. 

I fixed Josh the Jalapenos stuffed with Cream Cheese and wrapped in Bacon, one of his favorites.  It isn't supposed to be a meal, just an appetizer but Josh was content.  He got to Skype with some family and talk to a few on the phone so that was fun.  

This week I will just apply for more jobs, hopefully get my birth certificate so I can at least update my new name with the social security office.  DMV is going to be harder bc they require 2 separate documents proving residency so we have to wait for my bank statement cycle to roll.  And I also am going to be added to the lease, being married is fun, but the legal details are less exciting.

Weather here is crazy, one day I am freezing cold, the next it is quite warm, and almost always it is SO windy.  I have a ton of bites all over my legs.  Josh was worried fleas got in the carpet again but he hasn't been bit at all so we aren't sure exactly what is going on.  Josh I suspect is excited I don't love it here, he really wants to try & find a job in AZ after his 2 years are over here so that fact that I haven't fallen immediately in love has given him hope. . . 

It has been a fun 3 weeks of marriage so far :) 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Carlsbad Caverns

On our way to Corpus Christi, TX we detour to Carlsbad Caverns.  All the guided tours are sold out by the time they open out - crazy but you can still walk the caverns on your own.  I've never been in a cavern - I've only caved with Josh so this was way different that what I was expecting.  Paved floors, rails, spot lights on formations and often little posts describing and summarizing different cave features.  

We didn't really need head lamps but my dad bought the whole family some for Christmas so we figured lets bring them, some spots were not as well lit so they came in pretty helpful. 
The pictures are not the best but it was SUPER neat in there.  AND IT WAS HUGE!!!
Seriously worth seeing if you find yourself near Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico. 

These are called Lion Tails and they were so pretty, I hadn't seen these in the other 3 caves Josh & I have been to.  This cave wasn't nearly as wet as others which was nice because it wasn't as muddy.  

Josh & I are both disappointed on how poorly the pictures came out, but this was awesome looking in the cave, many of our pictures came out too dark but at least you can kind of see the stalagmites.  

It is about a 2 1/2 hour self-guided tour and holy smokes will you work out your legs, it is a constant decline the whole way down.  Thankfully there was an elevator because there was no way I'd be able to hike that up.  I'd recommend not going on a holiday weekend, really packed, we went the Saturday before New Years Eve/Day and it was pretty busy.  But you can go at your own pace and it was amazing.  

Good thing we got to stretch out our legs because we had another 10 hours of driving to Corpus Christi, TX :(

Temple Lights 2013

The Newly Married Bowman's at the Mesa Temple Christmas Lights!!!

Pictures from the wedding to come!

Monday after our short but sweet honeymoon Josh & I went to the Temple Lights and WOW was it busy! We were both so happy how many families come to see the Temple Lights but would have been amazing if they chose a night different than us :)

Some of these pictures you can tell how crowded it was there, Josh would try and wait for big crowds to move but still just tons of people. BUT still very beautiful. 

Josh laughed when I asked for a picture by the purple tree, he says I ask for that same spot every year.