Thursday, November 1, 2012


Happy Halloween!!!

This is a co-worker who really outdid herself, she looks amazing!  Seriously amazing.  I was proud of myself for trying to do my hair, wearing make-up & shaving my legs.  

I'll try to get everyone from left to right:
Jessellette - Kardashian Vampire, Corrine - Blind Referee, Tamara - pretty sure she is someone with a hangover, Rose - with the skull make-up, Neka - Michael Jordan, Adrianna - a pirate, Jenny - the Queen Bee, Meghann - Zombie, Cruz - Freddy

Celina - Referee, Selma-Jean - ASU Fan, Jackie - fairy, ME - FAIRY PRINCESS!

It was really fun.  Cruz sneaked up behind me while I was working at my desk & with her clawed hand came up to my throat from behind and close but not touching clawed at my throat.  
Cruz is amazing, she was totally in character.  We had a recognition meeting today & stood by me the whole time and tried to get me to cry.  She wanted to break the fairy princess out of me.  

Halfway through the pictures Cruz decided she needed to die, true to her character.  She she goes down and starts wailing around and pretended to die.  It was good quality.  

My friend Meghann - the zombie, she didn't warn me her costume was going to be scary so when I got to work & she came up to me & actually jumped back.  Her make-up was pretty legit.  And Selma-Jean as an ASU fan was just fun, she told me she did her face paint herself, it was a press-on and she was very proud of it.  Love it. 

My costume is my senior year prom dress, a tiara & floral want I bought last year on clearance after Halloween & I used wings my Mom bought.  Also got to be barefoot almost all day except when I had to use the restroom.  I did put my heels on to walk in the bathroom.  

After work I got to Skype with Josh & show him my costume, he told me he liked it.  And hopefully next year we can do a themed costume together.  I am leaning toward Han Solo & Princess Leia or something where the guy has a beard bc that is important to Josh.  Maybe a cowboy & cowgirl.  I have a whole to year to figure it out.  

I got home so late & after Skyping I missed the trick or treaters so I took my costume off & called it a great Halloween.

Happy Halloween :)

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