Monday, November 12, 2012

Spontaneous Utah Trip

I had a small moment of spontaneity this weekend, I went to Utah on a whim :)
It was a 3-day weekend for me so I got tickets Monday to fly up to SLC Airport Saturday morning, arriving at 10:30 a.m.
Betsy was super sweet and agreed last minute to pick me up and drive me to Grandma & Grandpa Sumner's in Mapleton.  

Such a fun day and WOW they got snow!!!  I was blown away by how much snow they got in one day.  They said close to 12 inches!

Meg was making snow angels.

So amazing!  A few days ago they said they had temperatures in the mid 70's and a nice sun out.  And the day before I come is this. . . 

Sunday Morning I got ready for church in my most winter appropriate outfit I could come up with. This is what I wore to Grandma Banks Funeral last time I needed a dress for Utah.  I wanted a picture of me next to the church building covered in snow & ICICLES!!!'

Close up of the ICICLES ~ I am from Mesa, Arizona, this is a pretty big deal :)

And the view!  It was so pretty, the mountains were covered in snow and clouds.  I was admittedly very cold, but it was just so beautiful.  I LOVE Utah!

My cousin Sydney made yummy cookies for us.  They were delicious.  I was so happy to see Mike & his family, we had a great visit Sunday late in the evening.  Mike monopolized Josh and talked to him almost the whole time.  

The morning I left I finally asked to get pictures with Grandma and Grandpa.  Josh took them for me, after 2 pictures Grandma got up and said, Okay, we're done. . . 

Josh & I went to Black Diamond for a tour, it was pretty cool actually.  The bought out Gregory which is the brand of all my packs & I LOVE them!  Josh & I both enjoyed it.  
We went to lunch with his sister Kate & her husband Kit @ Crown Burger then she was kind enough to take me along to the airport.  

Josh thought I was flying Southwest with him & was bummed that I was flying Delta so we couldn't wait at the gates together.  But it worked out perfectly.  We went through security together, Josh took a little longer than me, but then again I know who I am dating. . . 
Anyway, I walk with his to his gate & we just sit together till he had to board, kissed good-bye and I watched him walk on through to his plane and I turned and walked to my terminal & by the time I went to the restroom & got to my gate I was able to call my Mom that I got there fine they announced they were boarding.  Perfect :)

What an amazing weekend!  So grateful to see TONS of family, so many people made a special trip to see me and it was such a blessing.  

Betsy & her family, Sharon, Susan & Gary came with Tara Saturday afternoon.  Vicki & Greg Saturday evening.  Brooke & her mom Carol stayed with me at Grandma & Grandpa's which was fun.  Emily & Sean came their kids Sunday for dinner (which I made & everyone said was really good.  Chicken Adobo is amazing) and Josh was able to come in time for dinner.  
Mike, Lisa & all their kids came right as Emily & her kids were leaving, LOVE IT!!!
I was very grateful grandma & grandpa let me stay with them, they even had Josh stay Sunday night so he didn't have to drive back to his sister's in Lehi that night & come right back to pick me up Monday Morning.  

I had so much fun, very grateful was wonderful memories!!

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Arica said...

Fun! I had no idea you were in town. We'd have come by and visited as well. I love your long hair :)