Sunday, November 18, 2012

Pies, Pies, More Pies

I had my Linger Longer today and it went really well :)

I bought about 8 cream pies and 5 fruit pies.  My other committee members brought fruit pies and pumpkin pies but we had a good variety.  I had cool whipped toppings to cover the pies and that was basically it.  Very simple. 

We decided to cut and put the slices on the plates so people aren't trying to dish them out themselves and get all clutter up, just see the pie you want and grab it.  So an hour before church I got my committee out cutting & dishing up but decided to hold off on the cream pies because after I cut my first one is loosens FAST!

Me trying to get the cream pies from completely melting all over the place. 

It was pretty cool to just see PIES.  Lots of colors, very pretty.

I couldn't afford the milk & mostly the fridge space, so we had water & ice.  

This one was great, and I have gotten GREAT and taking help and even asking for help.  My co-chair and another person of my 3 member committee were gone so basically out of the five of us only 3 were there including myself.  So we had some help, asked my visiting teacher to help and it turned out really well.  
I have another one next week, the bishopbric asked that we have linger longers while tithing settlements are going down so people have food to distract them how long they are waiting. 
Next week  . . . SOUP (probably).

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