Sunday, November 25, 2012

Can you Believe Another One : SOUP

 I had ANOTHER Linger Longer this Sunday & I am super beat.  Soup was he plan, I went to Restaurant Depot Saturday (mine & Josh's one year anniversary :)) and got soup, rolls & butter.  
Get to the linger longer & I am happy we, have plenty of soup, plus my friend made a tomato bisque with lobster, so good variety.  Suddenly my first counselor comes in with all these desserts!  The Wednesday party have left over desserts, I thought that meant a few, no like 20!   
It was our pie Linger Longer All Over Again, but now I have soup to deal with too. . . 

So another Sunday filled with pies.  

and more pies.  

The Chicken Tortilla was a BIG hit, went the fastest, my poor Minestrone didn't fair as well.  I ended up taking some home in my crock pot.  

The Leadership wives were great & let me use their crock pots & a good friend from the other ward miraculously had a power strip I could set my extension cords to. It worked well, but it is a ton of work.  

Oh, and the Potato & Bacon soup was a hit too, but oh the clean up, I am beat.  Scrubbing the two HUGE pots we used to cook it with & then this tub, my hands are so raw.

I got so scared because I heard them saying their is ANOTHER Linger Longer NEXT week, but the leadership wives are doing that one.   Hawaiian Haystacks, my committee is incharge of the toppings, and the Sunday after that is the Second Sunday.  I am going to ask for a reprieve.  
I'm beat. 

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