Saturday, November 3, 2012

Last Day at WF LOP

 Friday, November 2 was my last day at Wells Fargo's Legal Order Processing Dept.  
I started November 30, 2009 - it was my First Full-Time job since graduating from ASU, and I remember being so grateful to get out of retail.  
It was a good job for about 2 years, it was a nice change of pace to get to work on my own and I met some amazing people.  
And the FOOD!!!  My department throws some amazing potlucks!!!  I LOVE Filipino Food & Latin Food.  Chicken Adobo & Guacamole come into my dreams they are that good!  

It was SO sweet, one my processors who makes the Guacamole at the potlucks came up to me & brought me my OWN batch that she said was just for ME.  And she bought me the yummiest chips that go with it perfectly. 

People were so fun the last day, everyone kept trying to buy me food, but an old co-worker of mine already invited me out to lunch.  We got Olive Garden & the chicken florentine panini was delicious!  

Me and Nicole Hicok - we were tellers together, worked at LOP together, she is now on the third floor in ATM settlements (I was on the second floor).

Eric & I worked DSR together & he is the SHARPEST dresser.  He was so great to try & coordinate with me whether it was casual or more fancy.  I mean this guy is legit, polished shoes & cuff-lings, ironed pants/shirt/jacket & perfectly tied tie.  
I wanted one with Neka, my other good friend from DSR but she refused to say good-bye to me so  no picture :(  She is my gun shooting buddy.  Hopefully that goes down.

My friend Matt - I've been to a few of his plays, one in Casa Grande and another in Gilbert at the Hale Theatre.  He promised to let me know when his next performance is, he is auditioning for South Pacific.  Good Luck Matt!!

I wanted more pics but it was Friday & it was a BUSY Friday . . .   
Selma-Jean came & gave me the sweetest hug!  It is perfect because my first day there they put me in the mail room with Selma-Jean & after 20 minutes with her I almost walked out it was so horrible.  She has a unique personality & you have to learn to not take it personally when she is speaking to you like you're stupid.  Took me about 2 years but the last year with her has been fun so that hug was very special to me I came close to crying then but then she said, "it's been real" & walked off so I laughed instead :)

More sad good-byes, another Processor Jenny who I will miss tons. Leya refused to say good-bye too, she is having a Ladies Only Party next Friday so I will see her then.  Another good friend of mine Meghann regused to say good-bye too.  I am not good with good-byes so I told my supervisor I would walk myself out & promised to turn in my badge.  
So I packed up my desk & walked out, turned in my badge - said good bye to the security I've said good-night to the last almost two years.  

Wish me Luck :)

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