Monday, April 8, 2013

More Zoo

The zebras :) 
They had a pretty exhibit, seemed the most open and friendly to me.  Josh was jealous of their "mohawks" I just think they look very interesting. 

They had a few animal cut-outs, this is my mean lion face, I actually made a little girl jump when she walked by me.  Probably mean but I thought that funny!

Again, so fun to have the animals up and moving, the lioness were walking and moving around.  We stayed here for a bit to just watch them. 

They never came very close to the glass but it was still fun to see them up and move. 

I think macaws are such pretty birds and they were in the most beautiful open exhibit with tulips and greenery.   Very serene. 

We walked by the reptile exhibit and Josh thankfully didn't try and take pictures, I was pretty nervous in that building.  Going from glass exhibit to glass exhibit wondering what scary snake or venomous reptile was lurking behind it.  

From there we went to this aquarium place and Josh was saying many of the fish they used were local to Alabama.  And I was saying how much I don't like knowing fish are underneath me while I am in water.  He said but nothing here can hurt you, and then I pointed to this HUGE turtle and said, oh yeah, what about him!!!
Josh got SO excited!  He said COOL! And proceeded to take lots and lots of pictures of this guy.  He put on a little show for Josh, I actually saw him on the floor of the water exhibit and he crawled up the log for Josh.  Pretty neat if it was so scary to know things like that are there in ponds and lakes. :(

The Farm area of the zoo :)

Thankfully there weren't many kids at the zoo any more, I imagine they only did a half-day or something bc at the petting zoo there weren't any kids.  

My goat had pretty coarse hair, maybe that is just how goats are but petting him wasn't that fun to be honest. 

And I was a good girl and headed straight to the sanitizer after and cleaned my hands. 

I have admit, this next part was pretty cool.  At the tiger exhibit the Tiger was RIGHT there!!!  SO COOL!!  And the tiger kept pacing back and forth, something standing up against that rock or jumping down the rock to them climb back up.  Super Neat!

This Picture looks like the tiger is going to try and eat me.  

Josh really liked this picture, he said it is almost like the Tiger posed for us.  Completely Perfect. 

A nice couple took both our pictures here, Josh wouldn't pose by himself so this was the best I could do. 

We Circled back to the lioness again and I'm glad we did because they had been fed in the time we stayed with the Tiger.  Which admittedly we stayed a good while with the Tiger but it was pretty entertaining.  

Us on our way walking back to the entrance, looking back at the zoo, it was a fun and exciting day at the zoo :) 

And Josh couldn't help himself but one more stop at the flamingos.  

Best Boyfriend, we had so much fun, plus we went and saw the sea lions do tricks but we were too far back to get any pictures.   The zoo is such a fun place, a part of me always feels bad bc of the animals stuck in a place, captive.  So I always have conflicting feelings with the zoo bc it is AMAZING but also very sad at the same time. . . .
BUT, Josh was a sweetheart to take me bc I KNOW it isn't his thing.  And he was a GREAT sport to seem happy and happy to be there.  GREAT, GREAT, GREAT day :)

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