Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!!!

I arrived in Birmingham Friday Morning, I am usually super beat from my yucky red-eye flight and layover that by the time I arrive I just want to cuddle and sleep.  Seems to fit Josh's plans just fine. 
Basically all we did Friday, and we managed to go to Walmart and buy a good bit of the groceries for the meals I plan to make.  

Saturday we went Suit Shopping & it took honestly most of the day, Josh was not happy to be at a mall, and it wasn't the best day bc it was Saturday, and the Saturday before Easter. We found a few we liked, one at Belk but as soon as Josh saw the price he said resolutely, NO and put it back.  I would have fought more but it didn't fit great so I figured I'd hold my battle till we found one that fit better.  Actually found one at JC Penney that was SUPER cheap and fit great.  I was very pleased, they didn't have the matching pant in his size so we bought one size up and figured it was worth leaving to just alter it (got the matching vest which needed to be altered as well).  So that was a long afternoon to then go shoe shopping good grief, this guy owns more shoes than me & I was insisting he have a nice dress pair to go with his suits is suddenly crazy talk.  This whole thing was my Birthday Gift to him bc I wanted to get him something purposeful, all his suits he bought at thrift stores when we was 19. And he flies to Corpus Christi the same Monday I fly home for an interview.  
I felt a new suit was a good gift, he reluctantly agreed.   I am super pumped, my birthday gift will be couple pictures taken next Saturday by a trip friend of Josh's :)  He isn't thrilled about that either but it was his idea which was sweet and he promised to whatever would make me happy.  

Sunday we had a amazing day, I have always wanted to see the Peach Blossoms and so we found a peach orchard just 40 mins from Birminigham.  It was a little rainy day so we couldn't smell the blossoms but they were BEAUTIFUL!  

Took a little longer to find this Orchard, we actually found it by accident trying to leave, but I am glad we did bc it was amazing.

You cannot tell but it is raining pretty good here, but as soon as Josh saw this one he said you want your picture taken by it huh? I said Yes, Please!

I like these next few, I love the blossoms, I can't tell you what a fun time it was. 

I wanted to do a special meal for Easter that night when we were back at his apt and Josh felt that jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon was PLENTY special.  So we had those and his flop-overs, bean & cheese quesadillas.  

And for Dessert . . . Polar Bear - similar to dirt but an extra layer of pudding for Reeses Peanut Butter cups and a layer of whipped topping to cover it and gummy bears substituted for gummy worms (hence Polar Bear).   Josh was pretty happy, definitely to him made up for spending the afternoon hunting peach blossoms in the rain.  

Monday we finished suit shopping, he ended up with 2 suits,one pair of dress shoes, 3 other patterned dress pants, 4 dress shirts all under budget for what I had anticipated for one suit.   He is a bargain shopper. . . (to me that tends to take longer - just saying).

Today, Tuesday, Josh has class and work ALL day so here I am blogging and trying to not be bored.  Already walked to Walmart, might go again for some fresh air, called Brian to say good-bye before he flies out tomorrow for the MTC.  Doing Laundry :( I don't even have to cook tonight bc he has a potluck at work so I am totally on my own tonight.  I had planned to do Adobo Chicken - a dish Josh LOVES but then he mentioned last night he has a potluck so I told him I'd do it another night, so sweet, he was actually disappointed he had a potluck - and this is a guy who LOVES free food.  

Anyway, that's been my trip so far, very happy to spend time with my boyfriend. 

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