Monday, April 22, 2013

Birthday Photo Shoot

My fun Birthday Surprise :)

I really LOVE how they turned out!  
The Lighting in this one is truly beautiful, we got there pretty early to get this early morning glow.

The blossoms, perfect!

This is the most beautiful backdrop, the tulips were breath-taking, so beautiful :)

It was so fun to have someone taking pictures of us.  We had such a good time, she was so sweet, after the first picture she said we were so cute and I quote I was so pretty!  I really enjoy people who think I am pretty.

I don't know how Josh did this, I am convinced they spoke prior, but the photographer, this sweet Korean little (in-shape) woman told Josh to get out of the pictures.  She wanted to take some with just me in it.  She said I was very photogenic!!!

I liked all the different poses we did, so fun to just goof off and have someone make you look beautiful and have perfect lighting across your face. 

Josh always really enjoyed being asked to be the person not in focus.  

This photo took a couple of practice throws.  I had my feet on the ground and had to bend my knees and have Josh just throw me up in the air.  She had us do it a few times, I don't know what she was hoping it would look like, but I think it looks pretty cool. 

Okay I'll admit, I do love this picture :)  The tulips were so beautiful, I was in a wonderful place. 

I was very grateful she let me change my outfit, I was just about to say no worries but I am glad I did. It was fun to play dress up and have someone tell me how beautiful I am.  

Some of the poses were hard and she was pretty far away so we couldn't hear her so well, and her accent was a little strong sometimes so we did the best we could.  They turned out pretty sweet, maybe a little silly but I really enjoyed seeing them.  

Ironically this pose took forever, apparently I don't know how to "fix" a tie.  

This reminds me of those calendars of cute young couples, I don't know if it is the pose but maybe the lighting how she photo-edited it.  

I just think this looks romantic :)

I was so happy to have pictures of Josh & I without his arm in the picture.  A very special birthday gift. 

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