Monday, April 8, 2013

Birmingham Zoo!!!

Our Trip to the Birmingham Zoo :)

Friday morning we woke up and headed to the zoo, perfect weather, definitely worth waiting till today bc the sun was out and it was gorgeous.  

Super crazy morning at the zoo, like 25 school buses parked out front which made for LOTS and LOTS of little kids running around but once we let the groups pass ahead of us it was nice.  And became much less crowded toward the afternoon.  

Josh at the entrance, not that excited, but don't worry he caught on to the fun eventually.

It was so cool, the peacock were just right there, no fence or anything, not sure what keeps them close to their "exhibit" bc tons of the peacocks just hopped down and were walking around.  

There was only one male peacock with the beautiful feather plumage, so pretty!

He must have followed us or something bc we headed to the aviary after the peacocks and suddenly right above us was the male peacock just sitting on the building roof.  Crazy.  Scared me to death to be honest bc he let out a loud squawk thing and I might have jumped a bit.  Still cool, though :)

This was SO funny, I usually don't enjoy the alligator exhibit but Josh was actually a little excited to go so we go on the yucky wooden boards into this swamp and no alligator to be seen.  Until . . . you look on the side dirt and here is the laziest alligator.  Made me laugh!  

Only time I think I'll pose this close to an alligator.

Josh wanted to crawl over the fence and jump to him, I said NO, you'll get us kicked out of the zoo!

I am not going to post ALL of the pictures but just incase you need flamingo pics I have a TON and videos too.  For some reason Josh took lots of flamingo pics and a few videos.  

This was the first zoo visit where most of the animals were up and active, the elephant was up and walking around.  

Josh and & me :)  Tried to get a pics of us with the elephant but it kept walking away. . . 

You can't tell with this pic but the rhinoceros his HUGE, seriously massive (and pretty smelly too).

It was very cool though bc he was up and walking around, I have never seen one up and moving, looks much scarier when not sleeping.  According to the zoo posted sign they can run pretty fast too.  New respect for rhinos. 

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