Thursday, April 18, 2013

Botanical Gardens Easter 2013

Josh for my birthday asked a participant to take COUPLE PICTURES!!!  

So Saturday morning we met up with her bright & early at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens for her to get out pics taken.  I cannot wait to get them back.

These are some pics Josh & I took after she left.  I seriously LOVE this place!

Josh tends to have an artistic eye.  

Poor Josh at this point his allergies had started to get better but around this time in the gardens all his recover from drugs and sleep I managed to undo in one morning at the gardens.  He was dying and so we headed back. 

I love this picture, maybe its the contrast with looking so sensitive but it was just sweet to spend time together. 

This is favorite pose, and he got to do his "thinking man" pose.  

It was fun to be here, Josh even admitted even though this place kills his allergies it is still beautiful.  

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