Thursday, April 18, 2013

Flight Home :(

So Josh had an interview scheduled Tuesday morning in Texas A&M Corpus Christi and he was flying out the same day as me.  So he took me to my gate and kissed me good-bye.  I was good, I cried less than usual was progress.  

Josh thankfully had a good easy flight, mine was less than amazing.  I boarded before him but was de-planed bc of maintenance the plane couldn't leave on time and so they announced I wouldn't make my transfer flight in FL and the next flight to PHX from FL wouldn't depart till like 11 p.m. that night :(

So I sit in the Birmingham, AL airport for like 4 hours to be delayed another 1/2 hour to Vegas, NV to then have an hour & 1/2 layover  and it was one hour & 1/2 late.  I had a 14 1/2 hour travel time.  
Super crappy.  

But I was very grateful to be back in my apt.  

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