Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Elder Banks before he left :)

I was looking in my picture library this morning & found this folder for Elder Banks, and I don't believe I posted this event!!  These are the pictures from Brian's or Elder Banks now farewell Sunday which thankfully I was in-town for :)

I believe this is the picture on the plaque at the church, I could be wrong, but I believe so. 

Mom hosted a farewell Party for Brian that evening with desserts and treats.  I was in-charge of cupcakes, everyone said they were just too pretty to eat, I was flattered :)

This is my last meal with Brian before he left, and this picture makes me laugh, not just bc how silly we look but bc my corn is cut off the cob, my Grandpa Banks used to do that for me bc my front teeth were either loose or gone when he visited so he would cut my corn :)  This time my mom cut my corn bc I just had my wisdom teeth out and I could not open my jaw enough to bite it.  Good memories... Anyway it was fun to see these pics, I was actually visiting Josh in Birmingham, AL when Brian left but I was glad I was home for his farewell & a dinner.  

Us hugging, we actually already said our good-byes when Mom said NO wait I want this on camera, so we had to re-enact it for her.   So I think these look silly, but I think Mom was pleased.   And whoa it is fun to see that Brian has beefed up on his mission, bc here he looks SOOO skinny.  When we skyped with him on Christmas I could see in his face he has filled out.  

A shout-out to my brother Elder Banks, he is going on one year beginning of April, very happy for him.  

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