Monday, February 24, 2014

What a Week

Josh & I have been adapting really well into married life.  We hit our 2 month anniversary last Friday, and so we celebrated by watching Psych and eating popcorn.  

It was crazy, this week Josh woke up with hiccups, couldn't get rid of them for almost 2 hours, poor guy.  From like 1 a.m. to 3 a.m. he just hiccuped, we tried everything I've ever heard of, finally once they stopped he said his chest was just exhausted and it hurt, and he still wasn't able to sleep.  
And last night for me I woke about 1 a.m. with a pain in my chest, similar to Acid Reflux which I've had before but I couldn't find an Ant-Acid so I just focused on my breathing but my chest just hurt like someone was angry in there and I couldn't lie down anymore.  Went to the couch and sat down hoping gravity would force it down or something.  Finally after 2 hours of un-comfortableness I just prayed that I would feel relief soon and in less than 10 minutes I threw up.  It was horrible and I haven't thrown up in probably 10 years but it definitely relieved the pain in my chest.  Poor Josh, I woke him up but he was sweet and stayed right there with me holding my hair while I threw up.  

I am procrastinating getting up today, kind of worried to rattle my stomach, I am pretty sure it was just unhappy, and that I don't have the flu bc I have no other symptoms.  It was crazy how much my throat and ears hurt, my goodness. My throat burned like 3 hours later and my ears had a mean pressure or something it was not pleasant. 

BUT in good news Josh & I on Saturday watched Saving Mr. Banks, which was really very interesting and I thought an excellent movie.  Don't know that I'd watch it again, but it was very insightful to the making of Mary Poppins.  Which Josh & I then watched Sunday after Church and Josh's meetings.  So that was very fun.  

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