Monday, February 17, 2014


I have been cooking a bit since my job search has been so far unsuccessful.  Here are just few of my dinner menus. 
A favorite in our home, bacon wrapped jalapenos that are stuffed with cream cheese - my mom sent us down with bacon, ground beef and a some steaks and it has been delicious. 

My first pinterest attempt with my own home-made Mexican pizzas.  The one on the left is Josh's which is just a few diced green onions and tomatoes, mine on the right was YUMMY!  I topped mine with the diced green onion and tomatoes but added diced olives and slice avocados.  It was really good, the seasoning in the meat was super delicious too, kind of a taco seasoning packet but honestly was better.  The only thing is they don't make great left overs, so I think while it is just Josh & me I'll just do one pie and split it down the side for the toppings. 

The chicken crescents, again staple dinner meal for Josh but this night I decided to add a healthy vegetable as a side, hence the picture, to remind myself to do it more often.  Josh & I are pretty good with fruits and other food portions but not so great on our vegetables.  Josh ate the broccoli just steamed, I added a little cheese to mine.  

This new meal I have mixed feelings about, it was a TON of steps and I'll admit it was tasty, it was just too rich to want to eat more than once.  The chicken is marinaded in a citrus-y liquid 6 hours, the chicken then slow cooks, you shred it up, mix up in an a white sauce, add crumbled bacon, add your bow tie noodles, and it makes a LARGE portion.  I am thankful Josh was good to take it for lunch almost 3 days in a row bc I could not eat more than 2 separate helpings of it.  Way too rich.  

I didn't get a picture but I have successfully made Fettuccine Alfredo twice now, once with chicken, and the second without.  Josh LOVES it, his 2 favorite ingredients are cheese and butter and that is basically all it is, in addition to cream.  But I am excited bc it isn't even than hard to make, just mince some garlic, cook with the butter, add some cream cheese and heavy whipping cream, grate some Parmesan cheese and add at the end.  Super easy and Josh just Loves it.  

I still haven't gotten into baking, and now that the weather is getting warmer do not know how much I'll pursue it, but we shall see.  But it has been nice to be excited about something, even if it is cooking.  

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