Monday, March 10, 2014

Josh and I learning to Fry Food

I am so happy March is here!!  
March 1st Josh & I woke up early to help clean the church, and I totally forgot to tell Josh I signed us up, but he was very happy to help.  And he then went on to volunteer us for the rest of March.

My dad's birthday was this week and talking to my sister I realize he would prefer it not being a big deal, so in honor of this I sent his birthday card late and left a voicemail wishes him a happy birthday, did not bother to try and reach him this weekend.  

ALSO Josh & I got accepted for a mobile home, Josh had tried before we got married to secure one but they kept slipping out of his hands.  So this time Josh wasn't messing around, and we both prayed and fasted for guidance and inspiration for this home and so crazy how well it has worked out.  Hopefully Josh will even get to sign today, but we are still not trying to get our hopes up too much, there is still a lot that could pop up so we're trying to be patient.  And I have an interview in a couple of hours on the phone with Wells Fargo Recruiting for Teller, not an exciting job, I think it is even part-time but I will be grateful to have something. 

Now here are some pics of Josh helping me with dinner.   I wanted to try and incorporate side dishes, so I was going to fry zucchini after I breaded them but Josh was worried I'd burn myself so for these we opted to just bake them.   

They were actually super tasty, Josh even like them and he is no fan of zucchini.

This last week I have had a hankering for Chinese food so Saturday we went to Panda Express and got Josh a meal, and a side of Panda's Green Bean Chicken for me, and then we went to Hunan Express and got a side of Dumplings.  SOO GOOD!!!  I loved it, but it made me want to learn how to do it.  So I tried to make those Cream Cheese Rangoon's that Panda Express has.   The filling was easy, but wrapping those sucked, so time consuming, and Josh said he'd do the frying.  He got all bundled up in a hoodie, and you can't tell but he wore sunglasses to protect his eyes.  

The first 3 he did burned but he had a fair few left to practice with.  

And here they are done, Josh did an amazing job.  

BUT they weren't very yummy tasting, the recipe I used called for 2 green onions minced but it was just too strong.  Josh & I both agreed these have the potential to be SO good, so next time I am going to try a few minced jalapenos and a very little bit of green onion for the flavor.  I still have a ton of Won Ton Wrappers so I think this week I'll make the filling and wrap them, then freeze them.  

Other news, Josh was a little disappointed his Spring Break trip didn't generate enough participants that it had to be canceled.  Good news, his caving trip should be good to go later this month so I am hoping that works out for him.  

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