Monday, February 17, 2014

Islander Lacrosse Game

Josh & I went to an inter-mural Islander Lacrosse game this past Saturday, and it was really fun, neither of us knows much about Lacrosse so we just kind of had to pretend we knew what was happening.  Josh is their faculty adviser, he technically doesn't have to go to games or anything but we thought it would be fun to see some of players he has met play.   I was dressed too warm for the weather bc even though it was windy, the sun was very warm, so a long sleeved black shirt and jeans had me dying.  

We didn't get very awesome action shots, my camera wasn't quick enough, and honestly there were not very many "action" moments, only a few body checks the whole game, but it was interesting to watch. 

We were sitting by a bunch of young college girls who were sitting on the bleachers taking "selfies" so Josh thought we'd be cool too.  But we were glad they had supporters, right now they are using a pretty un-awesome field, so Josh is hoping next year they can start playing on the soccer field which is a nice field.  

One fan got ejected from the game, he wasn't sitting near us, all we could hear was the Ref hollering you're out, you with the red hat, black jacket, you're out, Teams it is your responsibility to keep fans in check.  It was pretty awesome, this middle-aged man started walking back to the cars, we think he was one of the player's dad, and was using in-appropriate language loud enough for the ref to hear.  Still pretty awesome :)

The college crowd, some how we were sitting right next to them, I told Josh next time we come we need to choose where we sit more carefully bc they don't pay attention to the game, and their friends would come and stand right by the edge so the blocked a bit of the game from us.  But our team won, so that was very exciting, Josh & I both decided we'd brush up on our Lacrosse knowledge bc calls didn't make sense and we weren't sure of the different positions for players.  

All in all a wonderful afternoon out with my husband, nice sunshine, cool breeze, and something new to learn about.  

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