Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sunday Talks Over!

Josh & I were ask to speak on Sunday and I am SO happy that is over!   We both prepared talks based on General Conference this past October, my talk had a tiny introduction to Josh & I, as well as our brief "how we met, got married" story.  So with the introduction to our family & my actual "talk" I was clocking in at 15 minutes, Josh's talk was clocking in at 20 minutes.  We figured with us, the youth speaker, and a musical # by the Elders which they told us was in the line-up we figured we were set.  Nope.  Elders sang first, we weren't expecting that, youth speaker was about 12 minutes, I cut my talk down to 12 minutes & for some reason there was also an intermediate hymn after me which we sang only 1 verse that only gave Josh 5 minutes to speak. He was great, we ended right on-time, but it was crazy how much the squish into one Sacrament Meeting.  Holy Smokes. 
BUT I am really glad that is over, now I have my Relief Society Lesson to Prepare.

It was really nice having a 3-Day Weekend, Josh was only bummed we were asked to speak because then we could have gone somewhere for the weekend instead of having to stay in-town. 

For Monday we got some errands done and then had a nice lazy holiday, we ate watched TV, went on a walk. It was great.  We had an appointment with the Elders late that evening, we had offered to feed them but they said they already had a commitment and would come following that.  I felt bad, they didn't arrive till almost quarter to 9, and their curfew is 9 p.m. They got lost finding us, admittedly our apartment complex is not the most lit but if you plug us in a GPS it takes you right there :) It was a nice lesson, and they are excited to have us in the ward, one Elder is from Chile & the other Florida, one leaves back home March and the other June.  

The rest of the week Josh will be late at work with pre-trip meetings and clinics, but I am excited for him, his outdoor trips are finally happening.  I will be left to my own devices Friday to Sunday evening, but we found my Wii Game so hopefully that will keep my entertained. 

I am tired of applying to places, I know it takes time but it is very discouraging that I have received only one call back, which I missed the call so when I called back I got their Voice-mail and they now haven't returned my call.  Very frustrating :( anyway, the weather is crazy here, if you could hear how windy and gusty it is.  19 mph gusts this morning an 6-10 mph so far is pretty normal I've noticed.

Hope everyone is doing well and hopefully Josh & I will get wedding pictures soon!

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