Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Temple Lights

Mesa Temple Lights :)

With my new work schedule it is hard to do anything when I get home, and with Josh home for Christmas I get even more frustrated with how late I get home.  So Thursday after Christmas when I got back to my apartment Josh suggested we go to the temple lights.  

It was nice, not busy but a little on the chilly side.  

I don't know why Josh looks so excited/scared, but hopefully you can see our Jackets MATCH!!!  For Christmas Josh got me this fancy outdoor jacket & his is super similar :)  Same brand, color, functionality!!  Love it!!  And he got me some really nice Black Diamond Gloves, don't know if you can see those in the pictures.  

The lights are always fun, come back to things you remember, notice things that are different.  Fun Memories :)

I loved the green against the purple, Josh was great and got LOTS of pictures around these backgrounds.  

It was such a fun time, I LOVE Christmas Lights, and the Mesa Temple is always beautiful, add lights to it & it was AMAZING!!!

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