Sunday, January 13, 2013

Superior AZ

 Josh & I went Out-Door Rock Climbing with some friends of his who it turns out I actually like :)  It was great, his friend I liked & I LOVED his wife, really down to earth woman who I later found out doesn't like to climb but heard I really wanted to go in a "couples" setting so after being bribed by her husband that he'd clean the house she said she would come too.  

It really was nice, they have a cute little boy who unfortunately wasn't feeling well & threw-up as soon as we parked.  But I think that helped bc he became a little livelier afterward.  

I don't remember what I climbed but only a few routes, we were on a time crunch, Josh & I had to be back by 4:00 or so & they needed to be back even earlier than us so it was short but sweet.  Which honestly is the way I like it, I enjoy it, but not all day like I know Josh would prefer.  

His friend took some quick shots which was very nice of him, I thought they turned out nice :)

You can see the new rock climbing shoes I bought, I got them super cheap of 5.10 clearance like 80% off, and they work really well.  I've been pleased with them.

Honest to goodness the hardest part is the hike up to the routes, it kills me every-time.  That is the ONLY reason I've decided to try hiking again recreation-ally bc although I know it is good for my body & mind & soul I mostly am just tired of being tired on the hikes up to climb. . . 

Anyway great climbing trip up to Superior AZ, and I found a new couple that I like & it is rare I like both people in the couple so this is a big deal!!!

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