Sunday, January 13, 2013

Rock Climbing with the Girls :)

A Saturday Josh had a class I decided to take a girls weekend of fun & asked two girlfriends to go in-door rock climbing :)  
We went to Climb Max in Chandler & met up with two people I work with & it was a ton of fun!  I haven't been in-door in a little bit & I am always more comfortable in-doors than out-doors so I went on my more routes & worked my new shoes in more.  
My friend Kayla has recently been cleared from her doctor to climb so it was an exciting afternoon.         

Me belaying Raila, she did really well, it is fun to see all of us climb and work hard.  

Me about to begin a tough starting route, this is my scared face. . . 

You have to go over the bulldog face with an overhang right by your head.   A bit of upper-body to get up and over to the correct holds.  

I LOVE in-door I can climb for like 3 or 4 hours here, and boulder a little bit and be tired but happy.  Love it, out-doors is harder for me, you have to HIKE to the routes, AND HIKE down.  Jeez... tons more work, I don't even lead the climbs or clean them... I suck at out-door BUT in-door is AWESOME :)

All of us worked from the 5.5 routes up to 5.9 & few unlabeled ones.  My friends from work came after their shift was over & they were fun, I saw them on the top & thought how good they were doing on a 5.11 but realized they were doing whatever holds they wanted... really fun to explain to them how the routes worked.  They went down to 5.7's :) 

Me belayed down :) Raila has gotten so good as belaying & climbing I am really excited to have girlfriends to go out with!!!

The ONLY thing that I don't like is how unflattering harnesses are. 

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