Wednesday, June 27, 2012

More at Antelope Canyons

So basically just more pictures of the same really awesome place - Antelope Canyons.  We did the Upper Canyons, not the Lower Canyons.  The couple we took pictures with emailed about 25 pictures this morning.  He made them smaller so they would fit in the email and if there were any I wanted in "full" size he would email me.  Super nice couple.

I didn't realize they took pictures of us even while we were just walking.  It was really fun to go through all the pictures they sent, I tried to pick just a few but I think I still picked about 13 of the 25 he sent. 

This was SO pretty, they arch was BEAUTIFUL!!!  

I think the canyons just look so amazing in these pictures, it really captures the "wave" look I loved in there.  It's like you are walking through waves of sand in there.  So pretty.

This is toward the end, the light came in more and more once you get toward the end of the canyons.

This picture I LOVE!!!  The canyons look amazing and I like the lighting on my face and Josh in the shadow, this maybe my favorite picture. 

We were going for a "far away" look here - I am not sure how well I pull that look off. 

I absolutely LOVED it here!  I recommend visiting the Antelope Canyons every day of the week.  

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