Monday, June 25, 2012

Day on Lake Powell

This past weekend I took a day and half of PTO (paid time off) to have a long weekend with my boyfriend.  We left Thursday evening and headed up to Page, AZ so we could be on the lake Friday morning!  My dad let us borrow his jet skis for the weekend so as soon as we woke up we headed to Lake Powell and we did what I remember doing as a kid. . . we went to the Glen Canyon Visitors Center!  

We went to Lake Powell with the intention of seeing Rainbow Bridge, my Dad also lent us one of his GPS trackers and warned us that it is very easy to get lost in the canyons.  I remember going as a kid and never getting lost so I was not worried about getting lost, I was concerned about the jet skis running out of gas (the fuel gauge doesn't work so you have no way of knowing how much you have).  
So we go through all the registration and inspections - which is crazy now with the zebra mussel certification they make you get now. . . 
Anyway, we get out on the lake, we just took out one because I didn't really want to drive and looked at the maps we were given and figured where we would need to go to see Rainbow Bridge.   Long story short, we didn't make it.  We kept heading back to Antelope Canyon and the Antelope Marina.  Finally after asking several people one person who worked at the Marina helped Josh and showed him the buoy system.  NOBODY told us that the buoys are marked with numbers and you follow the numbers based on where you want to go! 
At this point the water is very choppy, I don't love jet skiing on the best of days and my arms and legs were starting to ache with clutching Josh & the seat.  So with not knowing how much fuel we had and a still very long ride ahead of us we just decided to play around where we knew the area.  Josh LOVED jet skiing!  He would literally giggle with joy when we went over big wakes, every-time we got wet, and especially when he picked up speed and got to go fast.  

After we left the Lake we stopped at a scenic view point and I LOVED it there.  The rocks were so pretty and the view was pretty scenic :)
We took a ton of pictures here, I picked a few but there were a ton.

My hair went a little crazy, Josh liked it and the shot of the dam in the background is pretty cool.

Me crawling into a little hole, this place was awesome. 

It is just so pretty, at the Lake the canyons were really beautiful but on the jet skis we wouldn't really take pictures so I am so glad we got some here. 


That is so cool, the camera doesn't quite catch the colors  but I think you can see the different layers, and that they are different.  It was so amazing!


That night we did a little hike Josh remembered from when he last visited on a trip he led earlier in the year and we got to watch the sun set over part of the Lake.  Very Pretty :)

It was such a crazy awesome day!!!!  

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