Monday, June 25, 2012

Antelope Canyons

Saturday Morning Josh & I got up early to try and make the first tour at the Antelope Canyons, we passed it last night but it was already closed by the time we got there so we stayed out in Page instead of heading toward the Grand Canyons because that is where we planned to spend almost all of today.  So we head there and it is pretty crowded with tourists, and when we got there they let the first group go which meant we missed it and had to wait for the next group.  At first we were pretty bummed we had to wait, our group was just as big as the last one, but our guide we really lucked out on.  The other "guides" seemed seemed less chill and ours brought a guitar and let us do our own thing in the canyons at the pace we wanted.  The others just trucked on through it but Josh & I and another couple hung back and took TONS of pictures.  It was SO AMAZING!!!!  Seriously, there was not one single part I didn't just stop and think, WOW this is SO BEAUTIFUL!

My camera was already starting to die not even halfway through so Josh & I decided we had taken enough pictures and we would let my camera die while taking pictures at the Grand Canyon.  A little bit further we offered to take a picture for the couple ahead of us so they could be in one together and they were courteous and offered to reciprocate but when we told them our camera was dead they said they would take OUR picture with THEIR camera and just email them to us.  It was so genuinely nice, and it became this really nice thing throughout the rest of the canyons.  We really had a great time with them, we'd stop & take pictures for them & then switch & they'd take pictures for us (with their cameras - both cameras & they had nice cameras).  

So hopefully there is another post with pictures we get from them. I gave them my email address so if I get them you will see lots from the Antelope Canyons but I still have plenty so if not - just believe me the rest is super beautiful. 

This is where you enter:

Me entering the canyon :)


It isn't very long but you do go down pretty far in a short distance.

Josh was worried about when we'd be there and if the lighting would be good, and he said we got a great time, the sun really made the colors bright and amazing.  

At this point my camera was starting to die and wouldn't focus great for us.  


It was so PERFECT!!!
Just beautiful and our guide with his guitar playing through the slot canyon set just a fun and chill mood.        Technically you are supposed to only have an hour in the canyon but our guide let us have between 75 to 90 minutes.   We had a really great time, I was very sad to leave.  

I don't have any pictures of the Grand Canyon because we didn't make it to the Grand Canyon, about an hour away the jet ski trailer right tire tread comes off.   It was going okay until Josh realized that my socket wrench was too small to fit the bolts on my Dad's trailer rim.  So we waited and a couple of nice guys came over to try and help. Josh called AAA, but one guy actually had a socket wrench big enough and got the job done for us.  BUT we were pretty beat at that point & neither of us slept great the night before.  We still had an hour to the Grand Canyon, and hour back & we wanted to camp in Flagstaff because we are caving Sunday morning before we head home.  Josh left it up to me, he said he was game for whatever I wanted.  I made the executive decision to head to Flagstaff to set up camp and get a good night sleep.   It was another really fun day, very eventful, and love the memories :)

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