Wednesday, June 27, 2012


These pictures I mostly wanted as proof that we really did take the jet skis to Lake Powell, this is us home washing them off and drying them.  With driving around in Flagstaff to the Lava Rock Cave we got a fair bit of dust on them and my car so my Dad busted out his high water pressure cleaner.  

Also I hope you can tell, Josh & I totally MATCH!!  He brought me a matching shirt home from Alabama because he knows how much I LOVE to match!  

It was fun to see Josh & my Dad work together, they got the water cleaner to work but only after something exploded and flooded the garage bathroom.  It was funny to work with both of them.  

We didn't even use the red jet ski but we ended up cleaning it too.   Josh wanted to make sure he left the jet skis in the same condition we borrowed them.  I think he was trying to set a good reputation because he already asked me if my Dad would be cool if we just took them out to some of our local lakes.  I guess he really did like jet skiing, and hearing my Dad talk about the red jet ski being the "fun" one he got really excited and wants to PLAY!

We ended up cleaning not only both jet skis but my Dad told me to pull my car up because it was filthy (which means I had Josh pull it up) so we could wash it, and then Josh asked since we already had everything out could we clean his Truck too.  And then  we cleaned Mom's car just because, Josh even offered to wash Dad's CR-V a few times but no dice.  
From start to finish I had a seriously great weekend, I really like it when my boyfriend is in town!


Kylene said...

Nooo the red one is MMIINNEEE!!!! I remember fighting Dad for it. Do you remember when Dad submarined us on the green one? Ha! Good times.

Erin said...

YES I do remember that & I made Josh promise to not do that to me!