Monday, January 19, 2009

Brian's Ordination

Grandpa and Grandma Sumner had come down from Utah to be here for Brian's ordination in the Priest Quorum. Brian had specifically asked Grandpa to perform the ordination himself and it was very special and perfect. This picture is of Me, Mom, and Brian waiting for Grandpa to change back into his nice church clothes.

This picture we got everyone to pose but the coordination took too long and Grandpa's glasses darkened already so they look kind of goofy. Brian was supposed to have a hair cut the Friday before the ordination but it had to be postponed so his hair couldn't be helped.

We decided to move the picture posing indoors so that we could see Grandpa's eyes without a darkened tint from the sun. At this point I opted out of the scene to go change out of my church clothes and into my lounge/comfortable clothes.

The cake was Mom's idea, she thought it was the best way to meet everyone's taste, I think I was the only person who didn't eat it. However I heard it was good, there was only one piece left which we took home to my Dad. It was a great day, the following week Brian was able to bless the sacrament (which he did an awesome job) and give a talk on honoring the priesthood (which he also rocked).

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