Sunday, January 18, 2009

Brian's Sixteenth Birthday

Brian's Birthday was December 30th which in 2008 was on a Tuesday. We went to Landmark with the family that evening, which has always been a tradition for us. However, this year we realized that the experience is not as awesome as it used to be, and Brian has the challenge to find a new venue for his Birthday dinner for 2009. This picture was taken by Mother of us eating in the restaurant perhaps for the last time.

Brian is on of the few people in our family who likes cakes so Mother makes sure to get him a buttercream white cake. This year Brian even got to help light the candles, however the picture of him blowing them out is too blurring so I opted not to post it.

I don't know if you can tell but his presents consist entirely of Bionocle sets. Whether they are "good guys" or "bad guys" I could not tell you, but Brian seemed pleased.

These pictures I decided to add for fun, these are Brian and I playing Guitar Hero World Tour together. Brian plays "expert" level on the base and I play "easy" level on guitar. Mother thought the moment was too special not to get on picture and so here you are: Brian and I playing together without needing a mediator.

Brian has been playing this game with his friend for the past 2 years and has achieved some levels of skill that I do not have, yet. He is often patient with me but sometimes struggles when I complain that my part is too hard. However, I only just started playing after Christmas when he got it, we play for about an hour on Sundays and that is it. We have to sit on opposite ends of the couch but at least we can play the same game together.

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Kylene said...

Mada saw a picture of Erin and said "that's Grandpa Banks and Momma!" (completely disregarding Brian)I said "no, that's Aunt Erin!" and she looked at me like "wow, you're nuts." I still want to see pictures of the dining room! Good luck with school :p