Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Day!

So Christmas Day at the Banks house starts around 7 a.m. when Brian and the dogs wake everyone else up. I admittedly am the last person to get up and ready for Christmas, Brian hates that I insist on brushing my hair, putting contacts and make-up on. I personally wish Brian would be less worried about going downstairs to the Christmas tree area, and more interested in looking pretty for the pictures.

Brian's Christmas was pretty exciting, he got an awesome television from Santa Claus and Guitar Hero World Tour, tons of Bionacles, and Wii games. I didn't find his presents as interesting as he did, but I imagine he felt the same about mine.

The dogs were really good sports in the beginning but once we started unwrapping presents that got pretty rambunctious. Dad decided it was time to get their stocking down and let them pick out their own treat. They were good dogs.

My Christmas was very fun, I got two of my cross-stitches custom framed which turned out beautifully. I was even there picking out the matte colors, frames, and even the detailed matte cut and I was still so surprised how amazing they looked. From Santa Claus I got a GPS that I absolutely love, Dad had shown me how his worked the other day and even then I thought I should get myself a GPS. The one he got is great, the picture is great, the sound is audible, I should never get lost again!

Our Christmas was amazing if you cannot tell, we had a fun day together figuring out the GPS Mom and I got, and setting up Brian's Guitar Hero. It was a perfect day!

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