Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Grandpa Banks Birthday

For Dad's Birthday this year we went to his choice of restaurant, On the Border, which even Brian found something he could mostly eat. Mom and Dad had to work so we went Thursday night after work and once Dad had called Grandma Banks.

Mom and I spent most of the morning in the mall trying to find snowboard brands in shirts that we thought dad would maybe like. Mom settled on a blue quiksilver shirt, and I got him a brown hurley shirt, we wanted a burton shirt but we couldn't find any.

This year I think our gifts were a little more exciting than last years. The previous year we got him supplies for his camper: plastic spoons, bowls, cups, napkins, hot chocolate. Basically silly stuff that we knew he took from the house to go hiking with, this way he has his own and won't take ours. The shirts this year I think are more exciting - I would personally prefer to have something to wear over something to eat anyday.

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