Monday, March 17, 2014

Mobile Home

Josh & I finally took some quick shots of the mobile home to submit to the insurance company bc we never could find a manufacturer year posted on this unit.  

This is the first and smallest bedroom below, it faces the road and will make an amazing little storage room, we have a shed as well but we agreed that there are some things we'd just like inside with us.   I didn't like any of the pictures of the bathroom next to this room, and so far that bathroom will need the most work, so maybe I'll post a before picture once we have an after picture :)

I didn't post a pic of the living room, mostly it is just rectangle section that will fit our couch and entertainment center easily.  And below is our kitchen, no pantry but I think there will be enough cabinets.  It seems similar size to the one we have now.  

BUT now we have a nice little dining area, I don't have a picture but Josh & I picked up a table we saw on Craigslist for Free!!  It is 5 feet by 3 feet and has a nice little design on top, it is already in here and it will work nicely :)  Still working on finding chairs for the table and a coffee table for the living room.  

This is on the other side of our dining area, a washer & dryer, Josh has already put up a rod so we can close this off when not doing laundry. And I am not 100% sure what we are going to do with this area, Josh wants to put my desk flush against the wall and so that will limit what we do with those cupboards, but we'll see. And you can see our new vacuum!  It works really well, Josh doesn't love all the features but I think it meets our needs right now.  

This is blurry but it is the main bedroom and it is about the same size as our now 11 feet by 13 feet, it will fit all my bedroom furniture.  It will take some coordination but it will fit.  Josh & I are really happy all the bedrooms have ceiling fans and light fixtures.  The only room we'll have to put lamps in is the living room, but everywhere else is super well lit.  

Main bedroom but we have a little linen closet which Josh still isn't sure what the means but I promised I will make good use of that storage closet.  

And this is another feature I am happy about, a closet that is easily 4 times the size as the one in our apartment.  This is going to be SO awesome.  Josh needs to fix the light fixture in there but other than that is seems in good shape.  

Our carport and storage shed.  

I wish this picture showed the front of the home but I think you get the idea.  Nothing glamorous but it will be such an upgrade from the little one bedroom we're in now.  

We had wanted to have most of the moving done when Josh had Thursday & Friday off last week for Spring Break, but due to un-forseen circumstances Josh threw out his back Tuesday night and so we needed to have him rest his back with that time off.  We were able to get some things done Saturday, shampoo'd the carpets - yucky dirty & get the table.   This morning I put our notice in at the storage unit and did one load in my car, I will try & get all the things I can carry when Josh has to work so when Josh does have time we'll just need to do heavy things I cannot do by myself.  

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