Saturday, March 22, 2014

Remodeling Begins...

Thursday Night, March 20th Josh & I started our remodeling projects.  

The cupboards in the kitchen had a bit of the paint scratched off so we wanted to start there.  I was in-charge of taping and Josh was going to Paint but we found it was hard to coordinate that at the same time so we both taped and then I cleaned the wood and Josh would follow behind and paint.  Some will look better than others bc some of the wood is chipped, it is particle board and Josh said there isn't much we can about that.  But with fresh paint we hope it will look better.  

Josh bought his new drill, as featured, and he very excited to start more projects so he can use it.  As it turns out taking the drawers off was not easier to paint.

It is kind of a disaster right now, but after we get our second coat on we will clean up and I can start moving things in :) 

After the kitchen we want to fix up the bathrooms, they are super outdated and just plain ugly.  Even Josh, who doesn't really care about appearances, agrees that they look pretty bad.  I have been on Pinterest finding color schemes I like, but I also gravitate toward gray & purple. 

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