Sunday, November 17, 2013

Bridal Shower

Erin's Bridal Shower
November 16, 2013
I had my bridal shower at Sister Debbie Purdie's home, So so SO beautiful, her home is lovely. 
And she was so gracious, we used her serving ware, and table cloths, she was so accommodating and lovely and seemed happy to be helpful.  
My Aunt Mary Jo made her AMAZING chicken salad, seriously the hit of the party, so delicious :) Mom brought rolls, fruit, lemon bars, individual cheese cakes, snack peanuts and holiday candy.  
Sister Purdie had he best idea to bring picture of Josh & I because so many people have never met him, they do not even know what he looks like.  

The serving table was perfect, I thought it looked so nice.  Mom had bought flowers, and Aunt Jolene and I arranged them, I think they look pretty and purple :)

Kayla was slightly delayed because she was rear-ended, she is seriously my best friend.  Even get rear-ended she came as soon as she could with pretty purple balloons.  And a yummy drink, And she took care of writing down all the gifts.  The BEST :)

You can see my awesome family making sure the beverage is just right, my Aunt Mary Jo, Kayla, my mom and the little cousins on the counter with chairs. 

Some really wonderful women, the invites were a bit late so all these women were gracious to come and support with a little less than a week notice. 

My High School Friends :) Whitney Miller and her little girl Charlie, Rachel Perkins & Maren Gardiner.  SO Lucky to have girls stay in touch for over 10 years!!!  And come and spend their Saturday afternoon with me!

Lovely Church Leaders and friends.  They were all so happy to hear Josh & I FINALLY were getting married, they all love him and are very happy for us. 

The Bowmans :) My sister-in-law Sarah, her little girl Maya, and my mother-in-law Dodie Bowman :) So sweet to come and meet my friends and my Mom for the FIRST time!!!

Me & Maren Gardener, my two FAVORITE people in the same shot, Kayla is trying to hide but seriously the two peers in my life who mean the world to me.  Honestly the two people I hope to become a fraction of, they are Mary Poppins - practically perfect in every way.  

SO awesome, my mother-in-law got me the sweetest gift, the comfiest & softest pajamas and then these beauties, I didn't know if I should be embarrassed but it was just sweet.  

Everyone was so generous, it was fun, normally I don't enjoy receiving gifts.  Don't know why but I have never been one to say what I want, but it was sweet because I know everyone wants to help Josh & I.  

Josh is excited we got a toaster oven (me too)!

Aww this gift touched my heart.  No words. . . 
Brooke (she is sitting on a chair behind me) saw that I had "liked" this on Pinterest and made it for me!  Can you believe that!!  Truly touched my heart, I have it sitting on my chair and I just smile every time I see it, no joke.  

This was Maren Gardiner's gift, my mom was Sure to get a gift of this :)

I kept this picture because you kind of see how hard I worked to make my hair today.  It look OVER 1/2 an hour.  Holy Smokes.  And hopefully you can see around my neck in some of the pictures the beautiful necklace Sister Purdie made me, the color it so lovely and purple I LOVE it!!!  

It was nice, the only game we did was a raffle and I got almost 15 gifts so a lot of the guests were able to take something home.  I got a lot of positive feedback that everyone had a good time. 
But WOW was I tired after. First good night sleep I've had in months.  

Thank-you EVERYONE :)

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