Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Evening at the Beach

Josh & I did lots of productive things on this visit.  We Thankfully got to spend Sunday evening at the Beach!
This portion of the beach is about 10 minutes from Josh's apartment, he said we could have driven a little farther for a more secluded part but in the evening most people were already gone.

BIG for fisherman and kite fliers.  
It was very pretty though :) and windy . . . .

Our feet in the sand, I refused to take off my sandals. 

Us on the shore!!!  So fun to have this time together, relax and enjoy the breeze and fresh air.  

This was Josh's favorite picture of us, he always takes random of us.  These are always his favorite pictures.  I'll even admit this one is sweet.  

Josh was so mad that the building was there, another picture he took a car drove right as he clicked.  The one below is the one we both agreed was amazing with the sunset.  

I don't love water, but Josh got me to my feet up in the water, but Dang it was cold water.  And with the sun setting it kept getting colder.  We left pretty shorty after this.  


But it was fun, a romantic walk on the beach :)

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