Monday, March 4, 2013

Nothing New

I have a bunch of little things that have happened, no picture really so it is hard for me to describe whats happened without pictures. . . 
Went in-door rock climbing out in Scottsdale, BIG self-esteem booster, not because I was good on the routes but EVERY-SINGLE guy in the place came up to me & my friend so flirt with us.  Not going to lie it felt good :)

Had a great day out in Anthem, we had GORGEOUS weather out here on Saturday March 2 (my cousins bday -thought of her)  and just walked around outside which was nice.  

Sunday my co-workers were a part of the Dragon Boat Race, I cannot go because the weekend of the competition I will be in Alabama so I went to cheer them on.  They did really well, didn't realize dragon boats were basically really long canoes.  Not bummed anymore I cannot be apart of that. 

Did LOTS of cooking on Sunday, made a yummy spaghetti with fresh bell peppers and crushed garlic and jalepeno stuffed sausage, Chicken Croissants, and Chicken Adobo.  First time I set off my Smoke Detector, no smoke, BARELY burned the bread crumbs on the chicken croissants & the dang thing is going off!

I don't know, first weekend in a bit that I was productive but had fun, Josh text me Saturday Night & I was just in the BEST mood.  Just hanging out in Anthem, having in-door rock-climbed, watched Modern Family with my dad while eating Chipotle, and then my boyfriend calls on Sat. saying he can Skype :)  Then to top the night off Hot-Tubbing with my Girlfriends!
Seriously best day.  

This week there isn't a ton going on for me, Tuesday is my Dad's Birthday, and Saturday I work, so 6-day work week. OOHH I do have my monthly dinner/movie night with the Seagles this Saturday Night :)
There are making some kind of German Dish for me, don't remember the movies we're watching, I think we went with something action & something funny.  

Hope everyone had a great weekend, and had a great start to the week :)

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