Thursday, March 21, 2013

More Wisdom Teeth

These are pictures from the day I honestly thought I wanted death over living.  Little melodramatic but it was a rough day. . . 

On Saturday after the Costo nightmare I was so miserable Mom brought me back to her home and I got in her bed, asked for ice packs and something to cover my eyes bc light from their bathroom shines in on the bed.  And I was VERY sensitive to light for some reason. 
On the night stand you can see the white bucket, any time I feel nauseous I like to have a "puke bucket" nearby just in case.  More comfort than function.  

Mom had me take off the towel so you could see my puffy swollen face.  Thankfully I don't think you can see how bruised both my jaws are.  I really did have a bad time of it, 3 impacted teeth that all had to be cut and hammered out, and I think I have petite bones or something bc it HURTS!!!!

Now a week later I can look back and saw THANK HEAVENS it isn't that bad anymore.  Still can't open my mouth super wide, but definitely small progresses daily.  Trying to eat some foods that require chewing, my jaw esp my left jaw hurts the most at night, I think it is just tired from talking and eating.  Needs rest. 

Anyway these pictures made me feel better, hope they do the same for you :)

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Whitney said...

Erin! I'm so sorry you've had such a terrible time with all of this!