Sunday, July 29, 2012

Saguaro Lake

This is the last Saturday Josh is in town before he heads back to Alabama so we took the Jet Skis out one last time, we invited my friend Kayla who is amazing to come along.

Josh & I started out on the green jet ski together, that one is the most stable (I call it the mule) and I like it the best.  After about an hour Josh wanted to "play" on the red one so we traded with Kayla & she got on the green one with me and Josh got on the red one by himself.  

Kayla & I literally idled along the canyon looking at the pretty landscape, watching boaters and just talking.  I had a really great time.  We got to the damn idled all the way back & went back to find Josh.

He had a great time but was was happy to have me back, unfortunately while riding the red jet ski he leaned one way & me another at a high speed & we were tossed over.  Josh felt SO bad, because he promised me I wouldn't go in (he knows I really hate water).  

The weather started to get pretty stormy - welcome monsoon season!
It actually got a little scary, with the winds on the water & on the jet ski I honestly thought at some points I was going to go under completely waiting for Josh to come w/the trailer.  It got busy too because people wanted to get out before the storm got worse but with the waves so strong boats had a hard time getting on their trailers.  One complete stranger was great and backed my car into the dock & get our jet skis up to help get things moving faster.  

  I am the best girlfriend because I didn't even ask Josh to shave his mustache, he even volunteered to & told him if it made him happy he could keep it. 

This picture kind of shows how stormy it got, but you cannot believe how strong those winds are down in the water, good grief . . . 

Kayla is basically amazing, she could tell I was pretty freaked out and once her jet ski was on the trailer she literally swam out to me and tried to help me position my jet ski even w/the waves crashing down on her.  

It was pretty cool though, and everyone had a ton of fun, it was one those crazy experiences that is fun remembering, but I will definitely avoid being on the lake during a monsoon storm.

This is our last outdoor adventure for the summer.   
Wednesday we went indoor rock climbing but I don't have any pictures of that. 
I imagine my life will go back to normal when he leaves but it was a fun summer! 

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