Monday, July 9, 2012

Kayla's Rock Climbing Pictures

You have to shimmy through this rock path or take a longer way around, some were better than others at getting through (I was one of those who struggled)

These are not in exact order, but I am repelling down my first climb here. 

This is me on my second route, and Josh said it was about a 5.9 which is harder than my skill level.


Josh said I may be the first person he has seen pout on a route,  I got stuck in this one spot and could not figure how to work it so I kind of stomped my feet.  This is the end result of me pouting. 

And I got out of it . . .  Good Job Erin!

I am belaying here, or getting ready to belay.  Josh is smiling because I am wearing his horrible "Radi-Cool" Hat which I always make fun of and his sunglasses.  It got super hot as the morning rolled on.

Me on my last climb, this one was about a 5.8 and it was easier but after working so hard on the 5.9 route this one became very tiring very fast. 


Kayla has a very artistic eye, I like the angles she took these pictures.  With the sky, clouds and the mountain it looks great, really captures how pretty it was there and the different angles you see when rock climbing. 


My friend Raila today text me that she couldn't wait to go again and even wanted to look at getting shoes - she used mine because they were the closest to her size.  
It is SOOO much fun, even when your fingers are raw from gripping pointing rocks, and your toes hurt from being in tight rock climbing shoes - it is crazy.  Who knew?!

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